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12 Signs Your Computer Has Been Hacked

There are important signs your computer has been hacked and your data has been stolen. What should you do? Learn the easiest ways to protect your computer from hackers.
Cyber attacks have recently become a very popular problem, so everyone is worried about protecting their data. To prevent your passwords or other important data from being stolen, you have to pay attention to any changes on your computer.

The antivirus is switched off 0:49
You receive fake antivirus warnings…

44 Comments on 12 Signs Your Computer Has Been Hacked

  1. 4:33 It happened to me so many times…Did you experience this kind of situation as well?

  2. My file is deleted by….. M O N I K A

  3. also i remember a hacker just got through my web cam and i said i dont care if you hacked my laptop i can buy and just do bad finger to him

  4. i have 3 anti virus and 16 ad blocker

  5. to block the ads or bad ads go to Chrome://Webstore download add extension the adblocker to your computer

  6. and sometimes printer doesnt means your hacked sometimes its just kidding or just like your computer didnt get the image address and just send it to printer and the printer didnt know it

  7. and hackers can't just get in to your computer. they work and get some files and check our address and they just get some photos of us send it to USB and print it then target us… my laptop is safe even if its lagging only way to solve the lag is delete some files with high GB or MB or refresh yor computer or if it doesnt work just reset or scan the virus then delete while early or belly hackers is comin and hack your videos with some bad videos

  8. thanks but im a kid im a alented and 8 years Technology Professional… the only way to secrure is anitu virus and if your McAfee or anti virus said Accpet the risk or harmful… spy cams? anti virus or tape solves it. AntiVirus Is Safe no one has ever got n my laptop… there are so many hackers trapped in my firewall becuase i have anti hackers

  9. I probably wasn't hacked. but i have panic disorder and i thought i was. this really helped with the panic attack.

  10. very popular problem?

  11. How to check my antivirus being stop by hacker? And how to know fake antivirus….

  12. my Chromebook get hack and the screen can not open

  13. Do u know anything about it laptop says plugged in, not charging?

  14. Sometimes when mouse moves on it's own it can also mean your mouse is messed up

  15. Oh god I think its hacked coz of Roblox. So coz of that???

  16. If it moves slowly ????WARNING: They might be downloading…… A h4ck to your file to get anything in your PC

  17. can you teach me how to hack

  18. cyber safety is VERY important!

  19. i play roblox and i got hack and my robux more then before

  20. What is the best tool to restore files?

  21. Or out of ink if it uses ink.

  22. on #2 it happend to me and i rebooted it to but it was still on

  23. on one of my computers my camera was on and it hacked my computer so now it'll never work! and i've been hacked on one of my popular apps

  24. I have to be a little more than two dozen people who were not going to be a problem with the for the buddy's

  25. Thanks that helped me to much but NU 7 is turn off wifi and del an app that when you work with it get hacked

  26. 11. You're watching this video

  27. Who here did spot the difference in the thumbnail????????????
    Like if you did


  28. I just hack in roblox

  29. Every time I see a Bright Side video he always has a different voice each time. Like if you notice that!

  30. My laptop is like? What? 8 or 10 years old?S0 its slow

  31. Printer is slow or does not print. The printer driver may not be installed properly? This video is not very specific. Its got some good points but at the end of the day people now days know how browse and protect there computer and devices.

  32. 5:02 its happened to me all the time when i had to reinstall windows because somehow it got deleted

  33. Welp my pc is hacked I got a new anti virus is installed well it did t do anything bad yet I had it for months

  34. What do you mean my printer doesn't work propperly? I'll know I've been hacked when my printer ACTUALLY works propperly for a change.

  35. A few days ago an app called chromium downloaded by iteself on my pc

  36. You just safed my life i was hached

  37. What about not being able to install software?

  38. lol antivirus disable by me

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