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15 QUICK Tips About: Rascals

Here are 15 EXTREMELY QUICK facts, tips, and tricks about the rascals in JUST 1 minute and 55sec!

Credit for helping me get the footage:
@ii_skittles on Instagram


MUSIC USED (credit not necessary, but I still will)►
“Fast Lane” by Gunnar Olsen
“Another Perspective”…

33 Comments on 15 QUICK Tips About: Rascals

  1. DISCLAIMER: The clash royale quick tips series is mainly meant to appeal to players who have just recieved a card and want to start using it right away in a correct manner. However, the series COULD also help those who are more advanced at the game by sharing a tip or two that they didn’t know or by refreshing the advanced player’s memory. Some card balances and statistics are prone to change, as Supercell releases balance changes often that raises, lowers, or reworks a card’s stats; this also goes for certain abilities a card has that could be changed, added or removed. Some videos will use or mention “less popular” cards. The reason for this is to keep the quick tip videos relevant in the future, even when there comes a day where the “less popular” cards become meta. Less popular cards can also be mentioned if the less popular card and the main card of the video are in the same popular deck. If the tips of a card are less advanced than what you are used to, it is 90% likely that the card itself is not advanced, therefore only a minimum amount of tips that could be considered “useful” to those advanced players would be provided. Another reason for the decrease in “advanced tips” could be due to the card having a high usage rate, therefore more people are familiar with the card than usual. The large amount of text on-screen is used for replay value. If a viewer would like to take advantage of the “quickness” of the video, they can direct their attention to the narration and the gameplay. However, if a user has enough time to pause the video and read the text, they can learn even more. If you weren’t able to learn anything new from the video, I apologize. At least it was only a minute right? Disclaimer over.

  2. Kratos approved this video !!! #boi

  3. A T H I C C B O Y

  4. I think this poor guy has a speech impediment. He can't pronounce x's or th's

  5. 1:45 i think a better tip would be to place the barrel in the very back or the corner so that the log doesnt take the goblins out

  6. 1:54 and a thic boi ????????????

  7. 2:00 but what if the opponent spawn a walkirye she can easily kill them all?

  8. ThiCC boi ready to attack the tower

  9. im using this insane card in my lavaloon deck it works perfectly

  10. you make everything so simple, perfect

  11. When video the inferno dragon

  12. W grze nie ma polskiego języka

  13. They may be in bait and maybe 3musk decks
    Imma try to use them in swarm bait or log

  14. Как только

  15. Sleketon army =)))

  16. 1:30 I like legend of Zelda too

  17. thicc boi 🙂

  18. bro ! please make video on three musketeers . please . please!

  19. Hey pls 15 Quick tornado

  20. Thanks for your tips bro

  21. You literally copied clash royale"'s quick tip vid

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