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12 Comments on 3D pinball cheat codes for XP

  1. God, I remember this game. I'm getting nestalgia vibes right now.

  2. Use The cheat hidden test

  3. that is not all cheats you forgot imax,lmax,smax,and speed
    I found this on gamewinners

  4. when your pc focuses on pinball (that is when u r playing pinball just type "bmax"

    to test the cheat drop the ball at once it would come from the wormhole if it doesn't then type the cheat again.

  5. for full screen press F4
    then type the cheat bmax

    that's it works for me

  6. @bisonhawk1 thanks

  7. @TheAbc1232 thanks

  8. noooes! the game is boring with cheats! Thumbs Down

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