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5 Shirt Tricks Men Probably Don’t Know

When to tuck…

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27 Comments on 5 Shirt Tricks Men Probably Don’t Know

  1. lmao @ the Lil black boy, damn they did him wrong

  2. I like how when they make a video about men it's about something that they don't know

  3. I don't even own a shirt

  4. Here's another one, iron your shirts

  5. Hi. Thanks for the good tips. Really useful

  6. For good healthy hairs dont use shamp nd conditioners..a simple tip
    One egg
    And mustard oil in normal quantity
    Mix these two things and apply on hairs..when dry ..wash it ..u ll see smoothness in ur hair..

  7. If you can see your white underwear through your shirt, it just means that your shirt has bad quality.

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  9. Fanno schifo i tuoi video

  10. One of the only good buzzfeed videos

  11. Amazing video brother. Come my Channel #BanglaMusicProduction thanks for sharing…

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  13. Some dislikes are because of this ad shit????????????

  14. My name is mahi Hi guys plz join me

  15. Hate slim shirts. Man looks like fagot. And slim pants is worse.

  16. And funny ????????

  17. im indian and i agree that a lot of indian men look creepy as hell in their striped shirts, brown cargo shorts, and sandals.

  18. Hit subscribe before the video was over! Finally style tips for men that are practical and non-gimmicky!

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  21. "…you probably gonna phuck that up…"


  22. screw this!!! I already knew this! hahhahahaha I win buzzfeed!!!!

  23. I'm that guy who don't really know how to dress neither do care about it.

  24. In order for the sleeve folding trick to work, you need to have stick arms! My biceps are not even that big and I can't roll my sleeves that way! ????

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