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A+ Computer Repair Training Course – FIXMBR – Windows XP Recovery Console Command Tutorial

FIXMBR discusses the Recovery Console command that can be used to repair a corrupted or infected MBR file. WARNING: Using this command could remove multi-boot options and make some partitions or operating systems not accessible.

20 Comments on A+ Computer Repair Training Course – FIXMBR – Windows XP Recovery Console Command Tutorial

  1. So can this be a cure to the Wave Volume going down, Invisible ad, and Internet Explorer on shut down malware?

  2. download hirens boot cd disk and do a repair from there
    you have to burn it on a disk and there is lot off tools just choose the correct one for formating your hdd and format it and that should fix it if not please send me a message to

  3. It will still access SAM which has your current password.

  4. Ok.. now.. how to unintall that windows recovery console?

  5. You might need someone to help you. A clean install and format of the hard drive will correct the problem. Don't know what else to tell you.

  6. i did..I tried to reinstall the Windows Xp and Format the disk..NTFS (QUICK and the not so quick) too…but after it says, Windows will restart and the installation would resume .. the window goes back to ERROR LOADING OS (T^T) should I install Windows 7 and try? i have a External 1TBharddrive..and i made a back up of my prog files there (windows xp in it) should i try booting for removable drive and try the external 1? im afraid cos thats my backup disk ..please…

  7. Start a clean install of either XP or 7 and a format of the disk should correct your problem.

  8. hello.I tried to install Windows 8 64bit to my computer (and i was using 32bit). During installation,i accidentally shut it down.. I tried to reinstall it but it corrupted my disk. I tried to reinstall Windows XP and when it restarted(after the reformatting of NTFS) it said ERROR LOADING OS.. will this FIXMBR fix the prob? its ok if i reformat my HD,i got back up on the files (Thank GOD).. or is installing a new OS (Windows 7 perhaps) fix it? 🙁 please help me thanks!

  9. CloneZilla (free) is a better and more reliable solution than Windows. Windows is always the problem so you need backup solutions that are not based on Windows. Windows creates about 95% of the computer technicians problems.

  10. It just hangs. I can't get to the recovery console. I guess my computer is dead, this is so frustrating.

  11. @01silkpurse If you can't make the keycode work you will need to buy another copy of Windows.

  12. @aGApZ2 Yes it works with Home also.

  13. Thanks man you r great!!!!!

  14. My Issue was: XP Boots to Black Screen With Blinking Cursor
    This fixed my issue by running FIXMBR
    Now Ye Old XP SP 3 is running fine again.
    So if your XP suddenly starts booting to a Black Screen with Blinking Cursor, try this tutorial…
    If this still doesn't work make sure your hard drive is not bad first by running some kind of HD diagnostic tool.
    Anyway thanks!… Great Tutorial!

  15. Does this fix bootkits?

  16. Thanks! you fixed my computer!

  17. Thank you very much. Your concise and easy-to-understand video allowed me to fix my master boot record in about five minutes and my computer is booting up perfectly. Again, thanks very much.

  18. Sounds like Windows is broke. You will need to do a clean install of Windows.

  19. @erenei
    on the C:>
    cd windows

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