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A Video Guide to Installing Windows XP

This short Video will gude you through doing a clean install of Windows XP. The Video features Windows XP Professional but the installation process is the same for all flavors of XP.

19 Comments on A Video Guide to Installing Windows XP

  1.  this if u are watching it from 2014

  2. Love this song

  3. hey bro 
    operate Windows XP Professional, so the problem because he looks solid, 
    Windows XP Professional Setup 
    ============================ Please wait while Setup copies files to your Hard disk 

                                                   | Copying: hptmv.sys 

    Anything I do not still boss .. Help me!

  4. any windows XP product key?

  5. can you please help me I've got hacked by a R.A.T. and he deleted a system file! Help

  6. nice and helpline

  7. C:WINDOWSsystem32oobeimagestitle.wma
    Your guide on finding this song on Windows XP! :)

  8. Haha this is the Windows XP installation music.

  9. Man I love windows xp, but the installation looks like a paaaaain!!!!!

  10. if you repair can u change to 64 bit and how can you tell if the computer can handle 64bit and if i do this then will i have to reinstall ALL the drivers and can you make a video on how to change from 32 to 64bit it would help alot

  11. whats your profile then?

  12. I have no idea how i deleted the windows from my pc. But i don't understand too much from this tutorial. I'm such a fool T-T

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