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ACER T230H Touch Screen on Linux

Touch Screen Acer T230H working with Ubuntu 10.4.
Linux driver no multi-touch and still with some problem (august 2010).
I do not particularly recommend this screen, but if you already have one… it works.

Why I whistle that ? I refer to this video that does nearly same things, a video posted in august 2006 (!)

(This video is impressive: when Microsoft was flooding the world with its windows XP, heavy, memory hungry, unsafe and buggy. Linux users could enjoy…

8 Comments on ACER T230H Touch Screen on Linux

  1. In this video I drop a hint at an old video by Bill Barsch, made in August 2006. Yes it is, 2006, nearly three years before Windows7 or OSX "Snow Leopard"… (!)

    (see video description)

    Even nowadays, to me compiz feels better than windows aero, and maybe similar to OSX equivalents 3D desktop. Moreover, you need less resources to run Compiz on linux.

  2. que marca es tu monitor

  3. @davedumas0 i works but i need to calibrate it how do i do that any help would be AWSOME

  4. i do have 10.10 but is there a setting i needto change or somthing cuz it does not work out of box and how do i calibrate and stuff do i need extra software?

  5. @borreguito2000

    The monitor costed about 30.000 yen in Japan. It was difficult to install the driver with ubuntu 10.04. However, ubuntu 10.10 has the new kernel 2.6.35 that has the driver included! So you do just install ubuntu 10.10 and the screen will work.


  6. @davedumas0
    If you install Ubuntu 10.10, the screen will work natively ! (The driver is included in the new kernel 2.35)
    This video use 10.04, and I had to use a opensource driver found googling around. However, that driver was not perfect, it was picking inexistent signals, for example was impossible to draw a straight line in gimp with your finger.

    The driver included in 10.10 work perfectly, though it is not multitouch. I strongly suggest to install 10.10 if you have this screen.

  7. i have this screen can u post a link to the how to plz

  8. Hola, soy usuario de ubuntu,,cuando subiste ese video y cuanto te costo el monitor? Que tanto problema es cargar el controlador para el touch!

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