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Activate 3TB or 4TB in Windows XP (Slideshow)

Do you like your Windows XP? So do I! But the memory run out is a problem as all programs are getting bigger and everything else as well. I quickly run out of space by using my 2009 laptop. I had bought a 3TB Toshiba HDD 7200rpm 64MB and connected it through an external USB hub. So it makes things a little bit complicated but it works!

I am a normal advance user and I had tried 7, 8 & 10 and I do not think they are as good as XP in term of smooth operation(less troubles). Therefore, 2 of 3…

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  1. Häh? What's that? Where is the solution? Great video, thanks a lot for nothing!

  2. Sorry for any inconvenience. The links are all fixed.

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