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26 Comments on Activate Windows Xp Without a Product Key

  1. To all the comments "Your Welcome" I cant login to my account anymore but I still remember this video XD

  2. It's work for me. Thanks!

  3. Activate Windows Xp Without a Product Key

  4. the Cmd Move is Amazing Best 32-bit System Of All Time. They should bring it back in the house. Microsoft Windows XP >pack's 1 pack 2 pack 3<.

  5. Regedit Rock's my World

  6. still works even its 2017!! ahahaha thnks man!

  7. good job, many thanks!

  8. OMG Thank you sooooo much!!!!!

  9. After 14days or 30days, Itèll lock you outta ya account !

  10. Windows Xp Activator
    click here
    after i used it, my windows activated successfully and works well

  11. I actually have a genuine copy of winxp but couldn't activate it because it could not see the internet to even begin to activate it! So this worked! thank you! 😀

  12. Will it work on Longhorn build 3683-4008?


  14. Thanks so much dude been ages trying to do this

  15. it worked awesome!!!!

  16. It didnt work 3 so fy 😀

  17. To activate it type it correctly and check again

  18. this done the magick to me! I hope it is permanent, but for now it have done what for it is.

  19. This did not work for me. I too am using my iPhone and laptop.

  20. Your amazing, thanks

  21. I don't usually comment on videos, and but thanks man, and that worked perfect!!!!

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