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Adjust system volume with keyboard shortcuts on XP and Windows 7

This shows you how to use keyboard shortcuts adjust the volume and toggle mute with a simple, three line AutoHotkey script.

See my blog entry for more details:

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24 Comments on Adjust system volume with keyboard shortcuts on XP and Windows 7

  1. hello i am from future
    lol BTW it works!

  2. thanks a ton dude.. u r awsomm

  3. Thanks, mate. Works perfectly 🙂

  4. Nothing happening when used. Installed the program, tryed to run your DL and compile and then run it, but no luck.. I must be dooing something wrong.. 

  5. it works on win 8/

  6. This worked for me on Windows 7. Thanks, other tutorials were ridiculous and left out important parts.

  7. You're welcome 😉

  8. That's probably because your video driver already has a shortcut that's the same as the one you are using. Try another shortcut to adjust the volume.

  9. My guess is the game is stealing the shortcuts so they never get to AutoHotkey.

  10. Thats nice and thank you!!! Can you tell why when im playing a game the shortcuts dont respond? Thanks again!!!

  11. Autohotkey is the program – follow the steps in my blog entry (link in the description)

  12. Not that I know of. Those keyboards that have special volume control keys usually require software to work.

  13. My keyboard has extra buttons specifically for volume already— I would like to know if there's a (standard) keyboard volume control, for a PC I don't have admin acess (or time) to install such programs. ie, that damn alarm on the "next order" PC at work.

  14. hi this is amazing. Is it possible for me though to control the volume up/down only with pgup/pgdown buttons? For example if I press pgup the volume goes up and if I press pgdown the volume goes down….. How can I edit the script for that?

  15. Thanks for this, very useful.

  16. whenever i start my pc i have to adjust wave and its really tough

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