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29 Comments on American Truck Simulator – Unlimited XP/Level Hack Tutorial (999,999,999XP)

  1. Thanks bro it actually worked

  2. NICEEEEEE! Still works in april 19, 2019 ❤️

  3. It works and in ets2

  4. What is the version of cheat engine

  5. Oh GOD IT'S WORK FOR v1.32 TOO ^______^ THANK YOUUUU

  6. Took me about 6 go's to get it work, I think what might have got it to work was using 999999XP as the value, but only 1 reading appeared instead of the 2 expected but it still worked, using C.E. V6.7 The 999999XP may be a critical factor in getting it to work

  7. Thanks bro, I forgot how to do it. Glad you made this video. 😀

  8. people say cheat engine never works

  9. Bro that works thanks

  10. I did it with the money and i think this will work! Edit:Work!

  11. Works as of May 9 2018.

  12. hey dude i tried and trieed and it didnt work

  13. Thank you I've come along couple of one that don't work this the only one that did work I'm now level 221 and have 40 drivers thanks again

  14. Thanks Bro!!! I Subscribe and Like!!! It Workeddd!!!!!

  15. for me only exp and leve changed but money amount no ???

  16. Thank you for the beautiful service De Greetings, Lok Habibi You are the best one on YouTube

  17. how the hell do I get to the main desktop screen so I can open it with the game going?????

  18. does it work with money?

  19. For some reason the game is not showing up in Cheat Engine 6.7 version. Any advice?

  20. well my game crashed :/

  21. Thank you very much ,bro 😀

  22. thanks worked perfectly

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