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Apache Installation Tutorial For Windows XP Professional – How to install, configure, and verify the installation of an Apache Web Server for Windows XP Professional.

20 Comments on Apache Installation Tutorial For Windows XP Professional

  1. i dunno. i dont think so. i have done research and they all say local host if you want your webpage to be LOCAL. but when you port foward it to make it public it will NEED to be an ip with a port. ;D

  2. This video is no longer helpful for Windows users, particularly if you are using PHP. Apache doesn't seem to offer an easy install any more, and if you are going to be using PHP you need to download from Apache Lounge

  3. Thanks now I don't need to install a fancy $400 Microsoft Webserver Operating System just to make a simple website.

  4. Thank you for your help. I can't imagine paying $8.99 monthly for my own webpage.

  5. i install and now i cant open facebook,youtube and other… someone please hlp me :@

  6. Thank you GOD! Someone that makes it simple and easy! Thank you.

  7. Why do you have to call it 'localhost'? I wan't to call it something of my own choice, but you didn't make it clear. Can I call it anything I like?

  8. Thank you much, very nice. . .Question, any particular reason you didn't use the default directory & created your own???

  9. Danny !!! bro !!!

    I would like to request ( from YouTube ) that they create a button with TWO thumbs-up and a Caption of "Love". This video is awesome !

    Why is it that so many people think that they have to talk in Techy-Speak to explain things. I'm no idiot … and I say that simple is better. Thanks much Good Buddy.

  10. Loved the video. Very clear and well spoken. All of the mystery of building a web server has been unveiled for me.

  11. thank yu very much…

  12. how do i fix the 500-internal server error.

  13. I ♥ ur accent :)))))

  14. Awesome tutorial but I was just wanting to know once I set this up dose this mean I'll be surfing the net on my own server?.

  15. Great job Bruv!! very clear and simple

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