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BEST XP Method (How To Level Up Fast) Booga Booga | Roblox


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28 Comments on BEST XP Method (How To Level Up Fast) Booga Booga | Roblox

  1. Autoclicker is a life saver

  2. I was leveling too slow for how much materials I was getting.

  3. no one ells dislike this vid cuz its on 69 dislikes

  4. I don't have outoclicker aaaa

  5. OOF

    View 21 replies ^


  7. Oof took me 57 mins to destroy ancient tree

  8. im from a difrint time but funky sould not get hate and there is now a god axe

  9. i destroy the tree with me hands
    no auto clicker for me since idk how to download it

  10. Im level 18 and i have 47 cooked mag 😮 no h8 ples i bought them

  11. Man, I really need to level up quickly but I dont want to watch 10 minutes of someone talking to legos just for me to get nothing out of


  13. Lol i have a iPad and i don’t use the ancient tree lol

  14. LOADING MEMES… ██████████████]99

    ugadan knucles is coming if

    du u kno de wae

  15. funky im sorry…..

    i didnt watch it in HD

    jk im not evil

  16. LOADING MEMES… ██████████████]99%

  17. LOADING MEMES… ██████████████]99%

  18. LOADING MEMES… ██████████████]99%

  19. LOADING MEMES… ██████████████]99%

  20. Get an auto clicker
    It will mine for you as long as you have it on

  21. am i the only one that doesnt know how to get there? im a noob and i really need to lvl up

  22. I have the god rock and it takes 20min LOL hits everything

  23. Ima and my friend may have found the best leveling up glitch we won't post on yt so it won't get patched were taking advantage of it to rebirth then I might upload on how to level up super super fast in like a few seconds!

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