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33 Comments on BEYBLADE BURST APP: How to get XP FAST!

  1. Guss what i use the avatar track hack now my beyblade is a level 5/6 all u do is press avatar track then go to setting and go to date and time go to Callander and go a day up and go back to app then press avatar track u get free EXP

    Like if worked

  2. Just farm the avatar track

  3. No entendí nada pero Buen video

  4. not real not tattoo really

  5. not real not tattoo really

  6. How do you change your launcher?

  7. How do you get Beyblades to lvl 6… >_>

  8. This is stupid i got a 5000 underdog bonus

  9. Why does my beyblade burst app doesnt look like tht

  10. To get xp I just keep doing avatar tracks, I have been doing it for 2 days and I'm a level 52

  11. how to get blader XP 99

  12. Uhhhh I have Evoulution

  13. I love this channel

  14. You can also just make the energy layer one level above your beyblade and other parts as level 1!

  15. i was glitched now im level 99

  16. I beat you to it….just never made a video….but thanks any way 🙂

  17. I want to evolve my beys

  18. I want to evolve my beys

  19. I doesn't work is it just for spryzen

  20. So I heard you want to be a Beyblade master..

  21. How do U level up your beyblade

  22. this is what I did so give it the the avaliable sign then go to colander the turn it a day go back then you can keep clicking it and you will get a lot of money

  23. my new bey timer is broken now but I got a lot of xp and a hole lot of money

  24. Thank you so much ilinnuc my friends are jealous of me because i keep winning them thanks!!!!????????????????????

  25. How you lounch bayblade burts

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