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Blazing Fast Windows XP On 512MB Ram

This is Windows XP Fundamentals For Legacy PCs on a Compaq Presario S5300NX


512MB DDR Ram
Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.50Ghz

13 Comments on Blazing Fast Windows XP On 512MB Ram

  1. Of course its blazing fast its Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs because thats for old computers

  2. Trying this today!!!

  3. I got an old Dino with similar specs also running flp–512mb DDR ram,some random NVIDIA 32 mb card,intel pentium 4 at 2.66 GHz,40GB HDD and another 20 GB HDD.

  4. wow shit! i never had xp so fast, i got an old laptop with xp:
    Asus l3800c
    Pentium 4 2 ghz
    512 mb rar
    60 gb hdd

    only my harddrive is damaged, so the pc is fucking slow, it takes 5 minutes to fully boot and the little menu when right click: 3-4 seconds

  5. Men thenks for the video, and one question, how is the internet navegation in WFLpc's?

  6. windows flp is on there witch is windows xp 2006 release

  7. It only use 64 mb ram on matter what unless you "tweak" it.

  8. It works with i7 speed on a i3 processor.

  9. @MrChezco1995 hmm…

  10. @icyshadow0 well actually windows 7 needs only 512mb of ram to run it perfectly (sometimes, aero is deactivated)

  11. @ninjastick5 uh… windows 7 i thought needs 1.00GB

  12. Dude u should try getting Windows 7 i have 256mb of RAm:( and i have to wait tell august 1st to buy 512 mb of RAM when i get it first thing im downloading is windows 7

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