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Blitz Brigade Tips & Tricks – Episode 6 – How to get more Coins & XP (Commentary)

Episode 6 of the Blitz Brigade Tips & Tricks is finally here, in which you’ll learn some simple ways to get a greater amount of coins and XP in this game. So learn these methods and go get those coins and XP to be able to buy more powerful weapons and level up faster!

I made a mistake in the audio recording and you should totally ignore it, and I’m sorry for that! :/

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23 Comments on Blitz Brigade Tips & Tricks – Episode 6 – How to get more Coins & XP (Commentary)

  1. fix ur microphone pls

  2. How do you play the game without lag?please tell me

  3. Good vid but the mice (._.) im gunna use this as my alarm

  4. whats wrong with your voice is it your mic? its so scary

  5. idk wether u were getting swatted or u were at Obamas speech

  6. What wrong with ur voice?????

  7. I want to f the video

  8. fuck u and yor voice

  9. What the fuck man! I throw up on this microphone voice shit….. Fuckin stupid man

  10. Please! Get a new mic!! I feel like this channel can go really well but you need the right equipment (like a better mic) I have to literaly hold the iPod 2 centimeters from my ear to understand anything and even than I can't hear!

  11. This clip show you only fake things. Latest version of the hack is here now just search " maxiesguides " in google.


  13. luv ur vids….try to come up with a microphone …its cheap lol…upload more..plz

  14. I can't even here you????

  15. the audio like an monster try to speak English!!

  16. Holy shit that mic quality is fucking incredible.

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