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Building my Makerspace & Video Recording Studio Part 1!

I’m transforming my cluttered unusable garage into a functional maker space and secondary Nerd Cave filled with cutting edge 3D printers, CNC cutting machines, tools, and materials so my friends and I can make anything that pops into our imaginations and easily film it and share the experiences with you all. This is the 1st video in the series of many as the transformation takes place.

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44 Comments on Building my Makerspace & Video Recording Studio Part 1!

  1. Every couple years, you remake your garage makerspace (2015, 2017) – 'bout time for the cycle to complete again (2019).

  2. Man …this is after you did the clean out /epoxy flooring ????

  3. The beginning though????????

  4. where are parts 2 through 20?

  5. pyjamas pantsman

  6. Hmm missing something. Ah, yes, a women’s organizational skills! Lol ????
    I’m redoing mine – double garage, recording / green screen area, design studio section /art, computer coding tech table and storage for wood working (I’ll just pull that out when I need it).
    I would love a couple 3D printers❤️ so cool!
    Earl is scary as shit by the way.

  7. Yeah i think you should load up your mouth sounds to soundcloud !

  8. The intro is so epic!!!!!

  9. Put your crappy music on soundcloud name it shitty mouth music

  10. you just cleaned it out in 2015

  11. That editing work is sick dude. The sped up part looks like 2 of the same person helping each other. The power of Adobe Premiere, kids.

  12. Thumbs up for the awesome intro warning

  13. I Went To Get A Drink And The Video Was Over!

  14. Does he have on pj bottoms

  15. I saw a Aperture Science Hand Heled Portal Device

  16. thumbs up on the intro alone … lol

  17. I want the pedals!

  18. lol inspired by JayzTwoCents. and now Nick's voice on the "Few Minutes/Inches Later" OMG sooo funny

  19. I would of helped you clean up, I usually just charge gas. 😉

  20. Had to hit like just for that opening.

  21. Looking forward to part 2!

  22. Hey Hobbs! You drunk yet?

  23. God… I'm going through this now. We downsized from a 3k sq.ft. house and I aint got no room for a makerspace. And my 3D printer is on its way.

  24. @barnacles i see 1 toone of people in one garage

  25. One concern I would have, if the water heater leaks or the air freezes then thaws, would be water on the floor. Up to 55 gallons worth(had it happen to me), anything on the ground electronic wise is toast, keep that in mind. Just subscribed!

  26. Where did you get those work benches your printers are on? Thanks a million.

  27. so that other guy works at microsoft then? i thought they fired eeeeeveryonee

  28. Man if there wasn't snow on the ground here I would do the same thing

  29. This video reminded me of the Wall-e movie. You guys look funny 🙂

  30. That computer with the clear side casing reminds me of mine that was stolen a month ago, are you selling it?

  31. I like the outtro music.

  32. the garage? well oh la-de-dar mr french man
    it's a car hole

  33. Those bikes might cause problems being that close to the printers, just something to keep in mind.

  34. YAY! Dirty stuff! (that echo though…)

  35. box of squeeze apple sauce

  36. house slippers, and stay at home dad pants.. and
    One of my 3d printers.

  37. I can't believe Earl broke your stormtrooper helmet, you should of renamed him Slick Dic instead.

  38. Jerry, I posted a semi-hateful comment on your apology video. I just want to apologize myself and say that I was being a dick and I took my life's frustration out on you in the comment section and I saw where you commented back and I just want to say I've been here from the begining and I always will be. Much Love!!!

  39. An awesome way to change your comfort zone causing your depression and weigh loss get away from the man cave and into the Garage Cave . I love you and your videos crack me up. Keep up the good work!

  40. Glad to see regular content from you again! Hope all is going good with you, and i look forward to the future.

  41. Love the warning lol

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