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Bypassing Administrator on Windows XP

Unfortunately my computer cuts out the graphics at the end..I hope the sound makes up for it. And also, I do hope this was helpful.

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  1. you are really pretty girl and the tutorial is good quality but ACCES DENIED -_- ( i only have acces on an invited acount and ive done everything i can

  2. I would like to thank you

  3. how old is your monitor O_o

  4. heres something for all you NOOOBS…. Google KONBOOT get into any computer without changing anything OK?
    Yours TRUELY!

  5. Thanks It helped me alot

  6. This only works for windows xp home edition…professional has higher security and It does not have an extra admin account in safe mode so if u have professional ur screwed 😀

  7. Great Video Juli -) you Cute LIL Hacker your Dads Gonna Spank you Darling Ahh nothing Like a Good Spanking and then Say Dad can I Have $100 to Go Shopping 🙂

  8. hey juli, can u crack administrator password, ur tricks is vry old

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  11. Hi
    if u just want to reset the password you can use Hirens CD tool, it is a bootable Cd and then choose to reset the password.
    and if you want to bypass the installed windows and take a look at the files without reseting the password then you can use Win pertPE


  12. you have time on your hands!!! 🙂
    and you soooo sexy 😉

    P.S i cant get my computer in safe mode….i dotn get it..please help!!

  13. Most people that know what they are doing would password protect there Administrator account

    Otherways on bypassing admin would be using:
    BartPE and creating your new administrator


    using Linux or some other os and booting up and copying SAM and cracking the hash for the administrator password

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  15. hey the administrator account is blocked what do i do?

  16. I can't get to safe mode. I don't get the screen where you said I should press F8. Help please?

  17. very nice, but there are some other ways to do the recovery password process more quickly.

    but that is good if you dont have any tools to recover the password.

    very nice..

  18. Go to see my tutorial at youtube.cóm/watch?v=QkzXAAYBG its the best way to hack on any windows. The only vid in youtube that tells how to hack on windows without any active accounts or program!

  19. oh ya and how to we take of safe mod does it turn of safe mod when you restart it or you have to take it of???

  20. well i been reseracihng for mounths on hacking but look heres my porblems is that i do that classic trick the command pormpt trick but it says acess denied and the other problem my parents do block my cumpuatr to so any way i can make this stop happing???

  21. This is a shit. We want to hack the XP Admin account. What happen if the XP Admin has password which you don't know ????

  22. and thx as u knw im not good at english

  23. umm i need to install a gunbound game but cnt be install because yea need to log on to administrator then i do wth did u do i excelent did and then do i can install a game in safemode thng?

  24. yea i do tht because i need to install a game because i need to log in to administrator but its wont work wht i gona do?

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