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CCleaner hacked, Replaced by Malware!

CCleaner, the popular junk removal tool by Piriform, now under Avast, was hacked and replaced by malware! This supply chain attack is totally undetectable by normal users as the backdoor installs and activates silently. Strongly recommend checking your CCleaner version and scanning your system, as almost a million people are affected by this attack.

This hack was discovered by security researchers at Cisco Talos.


Thanks for watching! If you…

49 Comments on CCleaner hacked, Replaced by Malware!

  1. So that's what happened to my old pc
    Discovering this after years… I feel dumb.

  2. Is CCleaner safe now? Version 560

  3. i got CC Cleaner and i went to virus total, did the same thing as he did and it found no virus/ undetected

  4. Avast updated my ccleaner nothing detected anything but I went on razer cortex and my name wasn't ichigo it was BabyBlueBelieverAmber

  5. you are the best EPIC awsome psc

  6. Is malwarebytes free good?
    Or should i use norton

  7. Romad will help with that kind of thing

  8. I had ccleaner, but uninstalled it because it slowed my computer down really badly.

  9. so this video is from 2017 but is ccleaner safe now?…

  10. Thx for the info 🙂

  11. Avast is loaded with CCleaner. Just uninstall it.

  12. I am still using CCleaner, I installed that program some months ago in 2019 (I think). So therefore, I don't think I need to uninstall it since you made that video in 2017.

  13. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Ccleaner on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/ccleaner-review/ Thanks, Carsten.

  14. I checked mine in this website and I found 0 malware. (Does this mean it’s legit?)

  15. Yeah, i was infected and i still have it now

  16. before:
    Shell explorer.exe
    Shell userinit.exe
    That's how When You Open it CCleaner and restart.

  17. Might no longer be true for 2019

  18. First time I hear about this!

    What about the latest version of/in March 2019? I have been using CCleaner for, like, ages, and I have never noticed any negative effects whatsoever (on the contrary – I assume).

    Any news on this in 2019?

  19. Flashback to classic shell

  20. This was a fact, but okay it was tested, now what to do if the antivirus detect a legit exe and the user put in the exception, because he was thinking it was a false positive? Do you want an example? Miners program…What to do about it? Basically nothing since you would never imagine that specific file or dlls was a malware… The only way to prevent that is to check the files or per one using different programs, but even then you wouldn't have 100% sure it's not a malware, just my advice… You should make a video about the subject i talked about it.

  21. Hi. My c cleaner takes 8 to 10 hours to " clean " my pc . Do you think it's compromised?

  22. is it ok to use in 2019?

  23. I won’t trust it anymore, when I try to clear more space I notice it kept showing no response on every folder I click and then freezes

  24. C cleaner is literally running on my pc right now I just downloaded it should I be worried?

  25. does this only affect windows? cuz the version number on mac is quite different

  26. cclernaer is useless

  27. I loked at a minecraf fr33 r4nk link and I decided it w4s sK3tch9

  28. hello update 10/11/2018.
    I did a scan with virustotal he would not have any virus for this application thank you very much to you A-P Racicot

  29. worst video ever, un-helpful

  30. Is Ccleaner safe now? I mean I have a anti malware but I don't want to take a risk at all..

  31. Anti-Malware Detects it as a Malware?

  32. Deletes Ccleaner

  33. My computer is a virus now

  34. Wait im in 2018 so do i have anything?

  35. ccleaner does the job it cleans everything i like it

  36. Ha when i clicked update version to 5.33 my esset security didn't even let me download it it said virus found and it blocked it and i couldn't even update until the next version updated then my anti protection finnely says its safe to download that version lol im all good ????????

  37. Ccleaner has been hacked again because it keeps on starting up on startup. When you try to stop ccleaner monitoring running you have to go into task manager and force stop ccleaner. When I go into startup program's and disable ccleaner not to run on startup and reset my laptop it still does the same thing so I've now gone into task scheduler and disabled ccleaner in there too and restarted and it's still running on startup ccleaner monitoring. You can't stop it from running so is this malware or is this ccleaner trying to force users to keep ccleaner monitoring them? Today date is 27/07/2018

  38. well my CCleaner is really really old and i have an anti virus sooo i think i might be safe

  39. Imo CCleaner was always a PUP.

  40. I got fed up of the CCleaner updates every single time I opened it always wanted me to update. I figured it was just to remind me that I can purchase the premium version so I turned check for updates off. I'm trying something different now anyway.

  41. Is ccleaner safe now??!!

  42. Am i safe now tho?

  43. So should I get c Cleaner now or no?

  44. I downloaded Ccleaner and after that day i cant open my computer and it says cant load windows

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