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Change Windows XP to Windows Vista Theme(BricoPack)

This video doesnt show you how to change the actual OS, just the looks, if anyone was asking. I did something different, and I hope you liked it! 😀

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Link I promised in the video:

VIStart (Better Vista Start menu):

**I am no liable for any damages you cause to your computer. Nothing.
It may cause some problems to arise, so be warned.

36 Comments on Change Windows XP to Windows Vista Theme(BricoPack)

  1. Ii cant download it WTF!?I need some kind of authentication ??


  3. @turb0strid3r hey punk keep your mouth shut baby boy.Better suck somebodys balls ballsucker.FAGOT

  4. @turb0strid3r you suck i downloaded this and nothing happend so suck somebodys dick cocksucker.

  5. @RSmacroing it not him its the the description THE ENTIRE ONE

  6. I just downloaded it but the theme today will it crash anytime?
    D; plz help if i mess my computer up i wont get a new one

  7. nice work thxxx to you >>>

  8. works fine thanks 😀 no i can convince my mom into letting me upgrade he vista to win7

  9. why dont u try camtasia studio 6?? its better than ur recorder

  10. U are typing gay….

  11. one question..
    do i lose my stuff like, pic,songs,movie video if i change my windows XP to VISTA???

  12. really ? .. ok. i am gonna download it for free

  13. you have really help me. i`ve been search this theme (bricopack) long time 🙂

    Tnx & u have good videos 🙂

  14. hey i agree.. but now , i have downloaded the latest movie maker, windows movie maker portable,, just google it. btw sony vegas is way better than movie maker

  15. what are bricko packs

  16. well this works perfectlly for me.. only that it screwed up my windows movie maker .. it says video transitions and stuff cannot be found ..
    ( i am using sony vegas on the meantime)

  17. are you using a pc or a laptop????
    cause im very careful for my pc to look like a vista^^

  18. well personally i think google chrome is the fastest browser.

  19. now i am commenting with my ps3

  20. hey man now i can't do anything on my pc….when i open my pc it shows me wallpaper with mouse point and nothing else niether i can shut down it pleaseeeeeeee tell me what to do

  21. Use Windows Sidebar…It might help you…

  22. try using mozilla firefox browser, if you have ie or google chrome.

  23. yeah thanks, i figured it out, thanks

  24. This is a great guide and it works great! Thanks! 😀
    For every view this video gets a kitten is saved! ^_^

  25. hey idk if it's dowloading but it
    s just loading…it said open or ssave, i clicked open, was i suppose to click save? please help!

  26. How do you do that thing with the icons at the begining is it like a program or something?

  27. i dont have the clock in the right

  28. I got a problem. Whenever i open up firefox, the page would scroll up and down little by little and it's really annoying. Is there a way to fix this?

  29. will this work with SP2? I want to do download it but if it won't work then i won't bother

  30. hey good video but i have a question and i dont know if you can answer it but i have had crystal xp for awhile but whenever i try to use a screen recorder it doesnt show the bar or the thing that looks like mac.

    Please help 🙂

  31. nice job thnx man 😀

  32. How do you get the start menu ?

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