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CMD to hack your school network

Tricky way to hack your school network . But it’s for only education purpose .

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22 Comments on CMD to hack your school network

  1. Always used to try this years ago ,,, but the school always blocked cmd

  2. I tried doing it at home but it said turning of externally isnt supported on this computor. On that computor I was trying it on doesnt have any security or anything. Also when I do browsing it still has that error message you had but the other computor is right next to me. Why is it not working?

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  4. Jokes on you, our school disabled CMD

  5. i did it to my bully at school and I fucked his computer up also stole his ip

  6. thx i changed my grades looool

  7. Hello
    Can anyone help me we will at the end of the school year prank our teacher but I have to hack the computer off the boss of school idk the name of this in englisch (iam from Germany)

  8. Is this for every language?

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  10. I successfully hacked into my Aviation Exam Database.
    I was an inch away to fail my exams, I had a low score and I was really depressed because it has always been my dream to become a part of the Aviation Staff.

    I'm happy to announce today, my score was altered without detection and this hacker helped me because I paid close to £5000 for these scores to be increased.
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  11. Dud I am a hacker I can hack nasa system this is old hack I got new hack I'll make a video

  12. Keep in mind this will link straight to your account, do it from the system repair page or get suspended

  13. Hi i was able to hire a hacker to fix my grades from

  14. Can you get expelled for this

  15. these are not hacks they are commands. cmd = comand

  16. Bomb threat initiated
    "I'm not responsible for any charges"
    oh ok

  17. Thanks to hackerdouglas8@gmail,com
    I was able to change my school grades

  18. How do you undo it

  19. sub to me and i will sub back the comment done !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. wat if its connected to a wlan cable

  21. One time I threatened to shutdown a classmate's laptop because they were being mean to me lol

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