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Computer Hardware Tips : How to Recover a Lost CD/DVD Drive Under Windows XP

Recover a lost CD/DVD drive under Windows XP by restarting the computer to see if that helps, re-seating the actual drive in the computer, or buying a new drive. Determine whether a CD/DVD drive can be recovered with instructions from a network engineer and IT specialist in this free video on computers.

13 Comments on Computer Hardware Tips : How to Recover a Lost CD/DVD Drive Under Windows XP

  1. Thanks for being engaging and clear and articulate and for speaking understandable English.

  2. This video was no help to me at all.

  3. i tried to pause it on a face that didnt look funny …i failed

  4. For a Tutorial on How to Download & Install WinZip Tutorial –

  5. What if mine is not listed in the device manager? It lights up, but never runs.

  6. @xxsladedethxx i think you are right because mine driver act weird it doesn't read some dvd and some dvd it do read. i can not paly game because of that.
    also before i reinstall mine windows i have that problem. after i reinstall it it works again but now it doesn't work again.
    i think it is software problem.
    i do not want to reinstall windows again is there a easy for that.
    can i juist reinstall the drive hardware will that help.

  7. dunno what he`s talking about, but he is kinda hot!

  8. Can I have your job? Those advices are useless! You don't always have to buy another drive when it fails. It depends on the behavior of the drive and the what you are experience on the computer… Network engineer /I.T Specialist huh? gimmie a break

  9. Hi there I have a big problem : My drive has failed so I want to buy a new one, but there is a catch ; I lost my Windows 7 disc so what do I do now, I'm complete clueless, I want to avoid illegal Windows 7 Home Premium Ed because it's basically illegal and I dont know how to do that, however if this is the only way so it be.
    I do have the serial codes and stuff on my case and just to let you know I have : Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
    Btw I can't get to my desktop either, at the starting screen

  10. @100PercentTy why not taking out the hard drive from the laptop and hooking it up to your desktop, and just simply, locate the drivers, and back them up on your desktop pc. then wipe it clean. 🙂

  11. umm my cd rom wont read read my CD..can you hekp me?

  12. I have a cd I am going to use to wipe my computer clean but how do I restore my drivers afther that is done? Iam tiring to fix a laptop that wont start up i wanted to reformatted and reinstall windows xp but i dont know how backup the drivers since i cant start it up to use this programs what do you suggest i

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