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Connecting WiFi on Windows XP

This is a good general video on how to connect to a WiFi (Wireless) Access Point. This would be novice level material to pass to family and friends that struggle with technology on a day to day basis.

20 Comments on Connecting WiFi on Windows XP

  1. for some reason my computer doesnt have wirles logo in the corner

  2. but my laptop doesn't have that wireless icon!! how should I do it!!


  4. wow awesome it is working..

  5. wow awesome it is working..????????

  6. how to creat wirless netowrk conection in window xp then conect the wifi in pc

  7. my laptop don't ask a network key and coudn't connect to the internet

  8. i have a TP-LINK_2736 if that helps…

  9. Hi penncomputers, please help me, i am getting this when i try to activate my new router: 40bits or 104bits depending on your network confinguration.this can be enter as 5 to 13 ascii characters or 10 to 26 hexademical characters.

  10. I dont have that button down

  11. i dont get that icon

  12. Link Of Your Driver Wifi?

  13. Hi need 40bits or 104bits

  14. well you got a dislike from mee muhhaah

  15. Wat the tuck man you is a lie get your ass off of youtube fuzz you another no help…..

  16. On mine, it doesn't have a button on the bottom right…

  17. My computer doesn't have the wireless switch

  18. Im using, wired right now it works and wirelss wont

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