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14 Comments on Cool Windows Trick Change highlight color in windows to light green

  1. Whats the RGB code for the standard blue? For some reason, my computer has been changed to a dark green which I don't remember doing.

  2. u can search for d number of whatever color u like in paint

  3. Hey, you can use this tool to find the color you want!

  4. what is the default color? I changed mine and I want to change it back.

  5. What is the list of the color codes? Or can you just use any RGB colors you want?

  6. what is the number of Light gray?

  7. Can you please tell me the numbers for purple

  8. do i need to restart my pc for it to work?? (i'm using windows 10, i managed to find the stuff in the regedit, but it doens't take affect when i press ok)

  9. hi bro c pls tell me whats the numbers for orange tnx this helped btw i liked it

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