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DEFCON 15: Hacking the Extensible Firmware Interface

Speaker: John Heasman NGSSoftware

“Macs use an ultra-modern industry standard technology called EFI to handle booting. Sadly, Windows XP, and even Vista, are stuck in the 1980s with old-fashioned BIOS. But with Boot Camp, the Mac can operate smoothly in both centuries.”
– Quote taken from

The Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) has long been touted as the replacement for the traditional BIOS and was chosen by Apple as the pre-boot environment for…

6 Comments on DEFCON 15: Hacking the Extensible Firmware Interface

  1. Link to presentation as PDF:

  2. Dude guys, wtf you can even buy a high end tablet and install linux cause private key uefi bs, common ban this shit

  3. EFI was made for HP Itanium, those motherboards had no BIOS.

  4. I know, but that's the quality of the old DEFCON videos

  5. crap quality, can't even read all info.

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