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Desktop Linux running on Android pantech P8000

Saw a neat video by Opensourcegangster,showing a technique for running windows XP on an Android device. I was impressed, but knew my $70 unlocked Ebay phone wouldn’t do it. So, instead, I picked a smaller Linux package to install,

I chose Damn Small Linux (seriously, that’s what It’s called, 50mb’s, if you’re using live-cd mode)

Everything is the same as the process in the original video, except you install the linux to disk
It’s a tricky process best looked up on DSL’s website, but…

2 Comments on Desktop Linux running on Android pantech P8000

  1. yeah, it was horribly slow (if you've got an Android atom-powered tablet, I'd imagine it'd go a lot faster. This Pantech has absolutely no balls when it comes to CPU speed… I've suddenly got the urge to emulate android inside my android, because I like Androids 😛

  2. More proof of concept than anything, but still really cool! 😀

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