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Dropbox Windows XP Fix

How to get your Dropbox working on your Windows XP

About the Path.
The path on the win7 machine will be C:somethingsomething
When you enter the path from your xp machine you have to include the name of the win7 computer, so it will look something like this \compNamesomethingsomethingdropbox
Please Note: The paths on your computer will be different from mine.

5 Comments on Dropbox Windows XP Fix

  1. What is it non-sense? For many reason I cannot upgrade my windows from XP to higher. If I want to use your shown method, I have buy another computer with windows 7 or higher. Bull Sheet!!!

  2. Thanks for the advices, but nothing is working for me, tried what's showed here today and since some months, I'm still dropboxlessed since the end of 2016 I guess.

  3. Indeed,very helpful advice from NorthStarDesigners and Thalles Rafael! I even managed to do a new
    installation of dropbox on an old XP machine. I downloaded dropboxinstaller.exe
    on a Win7 machine, put it on a usb-stick and installed dropbox on my XP machine. After that I changed the
    compatibility setting in properties of dropbox.exe into Win2000. Then I
    restarted the XP-pc and managed to log into my dropbox. Thanks you guys!

  4. Very helpful, thanks. But I found an easier way to fix this. You only need to run the Dropbox executable in compatibility mode for Windows 2000 and be happy :).

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