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ETS2 [1.34] Mod Start Money 100.000.000$ and XP Download

Hello my friends

This mod give you free$ and XP 900.000 when you create new profile

But if you want to increase the level you do not need to recreate a new profile but you have to connect the job
Download the mod for ETS2 1.34 -…

25 Comments on ETS2 [1.34] Mod Start Money 100.000.000$ and XP Download

  1. I got the money but NO XP

  2. When i have it on files what do i do to it.

  3. File tidak bisa di ekstrak. Bagaimana?

  4. how to activate this?

  5. Nice mod 😀 works on 1.31?

  6. Its ets 2 original or now

  7. Funciona no promods 2.40

  8. Vlw… Muito obrigado estava procurando este mod!!!

  9. will this work on multiplayer version.

  10. I want to subscribe because that mod is awesome…

  11. money got but I didnt get the xp ?? help

  12. can you make a lesson about how you unveil the map at 100%

  13. Will this work on all version?

  14. How do I make mods like this? and how to transform into scs format?

  15. Excelente … muito bom. Muito obrigado amigo !!!

  16. this no give me money xp level only why !

  17. In which file should i do the mod?

  18. I didnt get the xp

  19. Echt cool danke dir : realy cool thank you

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