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Factory Reset Your Windows PC NOW!!! | Window 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP | HELP IS HERE

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Hello guys here is a video on Factory Reset Your Windows PC NOW!!! 20177. Please let me know what you think
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47 Comments on Factory Reset Your Windows PC NOW!!! | Window 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP | HELP IS HERE

  1. When I get these 2 options, the one that will reset my laptop completely says that I need a disc, it wont let me pass

  2. No not real simple. I'm using Win XP. 1. You never say how to get into "Safe Mode". I'm the administrator. No system restore to be found.

  3. I have the same time but it will not go into the window is there any other way to retore this crap HELP! HELP!!!

  4. Well how about when a computer doesn't show the boot device?

  5. Does this clear any viruses that I have on my computer

  6. nice video nice attitude.
    tho i cant reset my computer i aint got cd and it wants to save from some image but i dont have it i just want to reset it

  7. I don’t have the cd ????

  8. Mines asking for insert Windows installation disc 🙁

  9. Isn't this only possible IF there is a recovery partition on the PC from the factory? It seems to me that fewer and fewer machines are being sold that do have that partition, probably because the manufacturer wants to sell you the recovery discs rather than include the recovery partition. If I get a machine without the recovery partition installed I ALWAYS make a set of recovery discs right away.

  10. Safe mode doesnt work my laptop shuts down i can get into f10 is there a way to reset the laptop if i get into f10

  11. Hey man I’m watching in 2019 and I was wondering if you could do a video how to fix “no internet connection available” problem I’ve been dealing with this for almost a month

  12. Thanks for the video……Question I had an acer laptop win7 and load up win 10, reading some of the wizards in youtube, where he tells you how to delete files..etc Well I did , the laptop will not boot up It shows one frame and then nothing….any idea how to fix this? Thanks

  13. How to do this on a 2003 windows Xp Dell Inspiron E1705

  14. how long should the reset take ? mine got stuck on 44% for twenty minutes ?

  15. Hi Sir! Is this tutorial applicable to all brand of laptop?

  16. I need help my PC is doing what this laptop is doing. I got viruses on it and it's slow. Mine is a hp windows 10 laptop. Can you tell me how to fix it.

  17. Hi I have a Packard bell and I can't even come to the reboot menu so I need some help.

  18. I thank you too. This is the only video that did the job!

  19. is there a version for pc

  20. Thank you. I inherited a computer and this helped erase all of their b.s. Off it. Thank you.

  21. Outstanding, I have exact issue can’t wait to get home .

  22. Please explain why , with phones being a complete hand held computer/camera why Samsung Dex is getting top ….Feed , it exactly that all in ☝️ 1. That’s the phones real original purpose. Is politics that controlling…Guess So Huh ?

  23. Eric, this was fressshhh, brother! Thanks for the video. Very helpful and easy to understand. Keep em' coming!

  24. Thank you for the important info…
    Would that help clean virus? After factory reset

  25. Great video man! Just one suggestion: You can only be certain that it will work in Windows 10 or 8. It may not work in 7, Vista, or XP. You'd have to check first.

  26. Thanks man I have used the same method on. My laptop back then, good video

  27. If I reset my PC The windows will delete?or it will download automatically?

  28. When we are at advanced options….. It has two options…. First one is the same but the second one is different from what u saw in your video…. Mine is asking for a windows installation disc…… How do I get one of those…. Because I Dont want to play for it

  29. I cant get in to safe mode just keeps spinning?

  30. I recently lost my Wi Fi connection on my Windows 10 computer for some reason? Thou , My network name is still listed? So now I plan on doing a Factory Reset to see id the file will come back thankx for this video to show mw how.

  31. Oh shit,this voice is nice????

  32. Thanks for this video. I had an older rarely used laptop that i restored to out of the box. Will give it to my son to use.

  33. It doesn't work. Help bro!

  34. My cpu is undervolt and i already reset in 0mv volt… But when i exit dota2 it suddenly bsod and said drive state failure… Can this method solve my problem

  35. Help how do I fix no bootable device windows 7 at startup

  36. I don't have a recovery media device? I created a system image. Do I boot from that?

  37. Your the man thanks men

  38. How to fix computer when the power light blinks and when you tuch the power button it comes on for a second then cuts off the fan runs in the period the screen comes on but then cuts off IF U READ THIS COMMENT PLEASE HELP ME

  39. Does anyone know how to delete k12 software I have a k12 laptop can't access anything

  40. New sub I need some help

  41. u said u charge for this reset about half the cost of the PC right? How much in this case ?

  42. Thank u so much for this

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