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FAQ: Change Power Saving Settings (Windows XP)

In this Quick Tip, I will show you how to change the Power Settings in Windows XP.

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  1. Thx it helped alot

  2. @SuperAvailable123 The power schemes in WinXP changes the delay for each of the following settings: Turn off Monitor, Turn off Hard Drive, delay before entering Standby and Hibernate modes.

    Below is a summary of each scheme (defaults)
    Scheme:Monitor,Hard Drive,Standby,Hibernate
    Home/Office Desk:15m,30m,N,N
    Presentation: Never for all
    Always On:20m,N,N,N
    Minimal Power Mgmt:15,N,N,N
    Max Battery:15m,N,20m,45m
    Key: m-Minutes, h-Hours, N-Never

    Hope this helps.

  3. @ramo619ful Either you do not have administrative privileges or the registry entries for the power settings have been deleted. To determine what your user account privileges are, go to Start-Control Panel-User Accounts and find your username – directly under your username is account type. If you are an Admin, you could try follow the steps from Microsoft for this issue: google "kb913622" to resolve the issue. If the problem still exist you may want to scan for Spyware.

  4. I got a problem with power option on window xp home edition. unable to change power schemes. it untouchable. How could I do for this ….

  5. can you explain details about each power scheme in windows xp? because i m really confused what they do, instead windows 7 only use 3 power scheme

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