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19 Comments on Fast way to remove a windows xp password

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  5. Great! Now get someone to show YOU how to operate a video camera!

  6. what if there is a password on the administrator? 

  7. Thanks, that was driving me nuts. :~{

  8. Dude!!! U are just awesome!! I'm extremely happy coz I was freaking out badly as I just forgot my password

  9. No need to restart Just Alt + Ctrl + Delete on Logon Screen and just change the Username to Administrator… Done…

    But if the administrator is also protected then you will not able to enter.
    Use Windows Password Remover

  10. When you just set up windows, the computer creates an admin account (the one installing), and most people dont type a password.

    They can, however, add a password, and then, instead of create a new account, they just rename the one that they are using (admin acc).

    So, when that happens, either the admin account doesnt exist or has another name and a password. You cant do anything abt it.

    This method only works if the person installing never typed an admin password (most of the times).

  11. I had computers donated to me…when I press F8 and start in safe mode, I get to the large font login screen. When I click on either of hte accounts – it still asks for a password – what do I do?

  12. Thank you very much man…!

  13. nice one man, I got it and it's working

  14. I followed the instructions, everything happened exactly like it was supposed to except they went to safe mode and hit enter again again for Windows XP administrator never came. up only an XP box with a place for username and password you type in the name and the password… but I don't know the @*$#ing password

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