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FASTEST XP Method – *Working Now* – Level Up Fast – No Glitch – Red Dead Online – Quick Guide – RDR2

Fishing Contest Quick Guide –

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PGAC 22 Uploaded a melee version of this way back in December –
Big shoutout to Justen004 in Discord who mentioned this to me and also the Death Ryder Boyz as they’ve covered this spot too! I’ve also had J Stone mentioned a lot so here’s his video on the area too ✌???? –

This is a straight to the point, quick…

34 Comments on FASTEST XP Method – *Working Now* – Level Up Fast – No Glitch – Red Dead Online – Quick Guide – RDR2

  1. Wish all of you happy xp grinding with this one!

    Let me know any extra tips you might have ❤️

  2. Try killing fish with dynamite for the buckle

  3. Ok I do this as well but I use the bow so when I shoot I quickly let go of the aim and I get a extra xp for not aiming it works really good

  4. There's no way to rank up fast in this game. Even if there is it still takes forever to get one level. I found out that joining every free event hunting farming gang hideouts and doing free roam missions helps with the grind but still takes lots of time.

  5. Can't do it. This is for outlaws and bad people. I'm just a honest hunter.

  6. Would Saint Denis work better?

  7. Does looting hinder Xp gains in online?

  8. Was looking for a glitch but ok

  9. I'm not high enough rank to get the cards to survive the del lobos…

  10. use a war horse so you it has less of a chance of dying

  11. You make it look so damn easy

  12. you know their mission based xp game design sucks cause we have to resort to these kinds of methods to lvl up efficiently, the game is fun at moments but they made an almost unplayable grind fest for no reason. they probably would of kept a lot more of the player base if they weren't so greedy about the micro transactions. good video though i met as well give it a try and mix in some showdowns for earning $

  13. Me: want to get lv. 1000 in real life

    Also me: killing half of population on earth



  14. As soon you put (no clickbait) you can go away please.

  15. Nice. I would just loot for more ammo.


  17. You don't have to go all the way to the "Reset mountain" ive tested and can confirm you only need to go to the sign right before the bridge I usually just go around the sign then head back to thieves landing

  18. Van Horn is pretty good for this as well but loads of Gang members.

  19. Im level 23, how long will it take me to reach level 50 by doing this method?

  20. I'm level 20, so the abilty card thing can't be done, and I'm here because a I just wan't the level 50 trophy.

  21. This seems great, I'm going to try it out tomorrow 🙂

  22. What about the place in Saint denis where you can get the law after you and sit on a roof and keep killing lawmen when they they are going up the ladder

  23. It triggers me seeing my horse missing a pinch of its cores

  24. Take care of your poor horse ????

  25. Oh it is on!!!! Good looking out!!!

  26. What are you saying you sound like you have a d*** in ur mouth

  27. I love how my dad walked into my room and heard “just make sure you kill everyone in the town”

  28. I have the same build as you, but I still haven’t swapped out never without one for strange medicine.. I was thinking of using focus fire for pvp with the bolt action rifle

  29. great vid. I’ve been using thieves landing to farm xp but ur tips added 20%+ more do for me. thx u

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