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Final Fantasy XV | Easy XP | 1,000,000 XP!!!! | Fast Leveling

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Quoted from NegaBioLizard :

“FYI everyone, here’s how you get 500,000+ EXP before getting an EXP multiplier from a hotel. If you want to get a 3x EXP multiplier, you’ll need access to the city of Altissia in Chapter 9 and the requisite 30,000 Gil.

1) You’ll need to farm Rare Coins in the Cleigne region….

22 Comments on Final Fantasy XV | Easy XP | 1,000,000 XP!!!! | Fast Leveling

  1. Great guide, thanks for sharing 😀

  2. What?! I’d just been selling them ….. fuck..

  3. why is the hotel only 5000 and not 10000

  4. playing the game with piano ? at least lower the settings while recording or buy a pc that can run the game !

  5. Level 28 to level 53!

  6. Dude amazing thanks for the easy to follow guide

  7. Should I do this after completing the whole thing or what?

  8. What’s the maximum lvl for this one to finish cuz I’m at lvl 110…

  9. Welp accidentaily deleted my save file so i guess ill be doing this now

  10. Loading on Xbox is quicker than on PS4, interestingly.

  11. Most helpful video, thanks man!

  12. Or just catch 10 fish that cost 100000 each and add it to your spell. You will go from LV30 to LV99

  13. real quick, what should i use… rare coin or… the other coin @-@

  14. thank you so much! i really need exp, so im gonna try this tomorrow! •w•

  15. Ur PC iz slooooow… . .

  16. About how many hours did you spend doing this

  17. woo kid wats up with that frame drop???

  18. Looks funny as funny running in fast forward

  19. i love this game.its so fantasy.

  20. or go to the chocobo shop dude, eat the triple decker, go to hammerhead, refight the Adamantoise over and over, using the ring of lucii (usually takes a few tries) then go to altissia hotel and stay for 30000 which is a 3x multiplier. Can get over 2 or 3 mill exp

  21. I hope you can answer this. How do you make the spells? I have the items and I followed what you've done and press "x" but nothing spells are made. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong

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