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Fix No Audio Device found in Windows® XP

While you were working on your Windows® XP-based PC and attempting to play a sound device, you suddenly came across the “No Audio Device found” error. This means that in spite of compatible sound drivers for your computer’s audio equipments are installed on the system; they are not responding due to a technical problem.
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23 Comments on Fix No Audio Device found in Windows® XP

  1. Thank you so much

  2. I'm sure your help video is very interesting, but as I currently have no audio, subtitles would have been helpful. : )

  3. ''''''''''''''''''"""""""""'''EXPERT""""""""""""""""""""""

  4. Very clear steps and my computer has its sound playing again.!

  5. Yeah, No. This didn't help me at all still cannot hear anything.

  6. same as my computer

  7. My friend's computer does not work when using this method… Still had no audio…once we follow your instruction…???

  8. if onlt i could hear you…

  9. Nice,but i can't hear you..

  10. thx 🙂 Subscribed

  11. Hey guys, It took me a couple tries (repeating the instructions over and over again). It works eventually. I'm using Windows Vista.

  12. in device manager it says no driver for audio mixer…tried download direct from realtek and it crashes OS when i try to install the driver
    still no sound and i also get an error mssg that says "no audio mixer installed"

  13. If you have no sound and you want to hear whats going on put on captions i tried it cuz i have no sound ._.

  14. If you have no sound and you want to hear whats going on put on captions

  15. not funny i don't have sound right now I'M GONNA TROW MY PC OUT MY WINDOW GODDAMNIT!!!!!!!!!

  16. i didn't find "windows audio"

  17. Thank you, it worked for me! And I didn't even download anything.

  18. no sound means I cant hear

  19. Dude. I don't have sound. Can you at least have subtitles?

  20. and it didnt work

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