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Fly-by malware installation demo

Demonstration of a Windows XP system visiting a website that installs a slew of malware using a zero day vulnerability in Internet Explorer. The user at no point is provided with any hints that he is getting hacked.

8 Comments on Fly-by malware installation demo

  1. that is true ever since i upgraded to ie7 i had nothing but problems with it to the point i switched to firefox…and i never liked firefix…lol….:P…

  2. jesus christ, that's abominable! It's all about what code CAN be executed, what framework it has to make it's way up to your machine, disgusting! I can't believe some brains actually are so out of the track ^^

  3. XD.i only wish costomisable comp were as much stable as them.

  4. there is mine that use ie6. and i actually have less bugs then with ie7.

  5. i have a windows firewall a mcaffee firewall and if i really need it a ad aware 2007 pro firewall.(mcaffee detects everything but scans slow so i use ad aware to remove spyware=D)

  6. umm what was the website again…

  7. nuther thing you can do is have two firewalls windows and macfees at the same time

  8. Wow this is owned.

    ROFL at the guy in the background:
    "Umm…The owner of the webiste… they dont know about this. As of this time, I hacked into the website and wrote the code without their knowledge"

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