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Forza Horizon 3 | How To Level Up Fast | 500’000 XP per Hour

NOTE: EP Boost & XP Boost is the same thing (In german it’s EP)


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►On todays video: I show you guys how to earn 500 000 XP in a bit more than 1 hour! It’s very easy to earn XP…

20 Comments on Forza Horizon 3 | How To Level Up Fast | 500’000 XP per Hour

  1. Why is everyone winning this haha

  2. Hast du das für alle ep autos diese Einstellungen

  3. I can get 800 000xp pearl half hour

  4. Dodge Viper HE with double credits and double credit perk… 1.8 million credits in a 10 lap Goliath.

  5. Is this still the quickest way to farm xp?

  6. just made a race and won 600.000xp, and went to club xp and i only have 122.000.. dont understand this

  7. i do in 20 minutes 1 Million XP with drifting. Credits coming from Wheelspins, give a fuck on that 500k Credits in 1 Hour. Thats so bad 😀 But okay, your video is 2 weeks old, thats ok ^^

  8. is the turning radius supposed to be bad ?

  9. This worked perfectly. Im not a very good driver so it took me around 11.20 to do one lap. So a bit over an hour to do the 6 lap race. Ended up with 590k cash and 540k xp. This car is tuned to go straight, so I would reccomand keeping the rewind option and the no damage option, seeing as you will reach speeds at around 345 km/h before there is a sudden turn. Other than that, dont be affraid to put everything on hard, I lost count on how many times I lap'ed the 2nd place car, they just give up. It is also a good way to practice manual with clutch. It is quite boring, so having somone to punch you when you fall asleep is also a good idea. Good job, thumbs up.

  10. Your tune is so helpful!

  11. I did 10 laps and then in the 10th lap my pc crashed.

  12. anyone know how to get a xp boost car? I am trying to level up my bayron bay as well, currenlty level 4.. but i cant seem to get the xp car

  13. Well u obviously aint a good driver if u didn't finish first

  14. Is this race really one hour long?

  15. I did this yesterday and now I'm level 175 with over 3mil credits

  16. Hast du am 11.10 Zeit zum Forza zocken??

  17. doing 15 laps rn with this car

  18. This made my console got banned tho

  19. Race Details:
    Horizon Edition 69 Mustang w/ Horizon 3 Racer's Tune
    6 Laps on Byron Bay Goliath Circuit
    1 hour & 10 minutes of time

    My settings:
    Drivatar Difficulty Above Average
    ABS Off
    Normal Steering
    Traction Control off
    Stability Control Off
    Manual w/ Clutch
    Braking Line
    No Damage
    Rewind On

    My personal Results:
    500k+ CR (Cant remember exactly, already skipped the screen)
    582k XP
    40 skill points
    Was Level 72, now level 101

    Upvote this if it helped clarify or help out with anything so that others may see!

    You're Welcome 😉

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