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Free Windows XP video tutorial on searching Windows files
In this Free Windows XP video tutorial, we cover searching files and folders on your machine. The default Search feature can be launched from the Start button. We first search for a file with the text bmw in it so we make use of wild characters like this *bmw*. We also show you how to search for a phrase in My Documents folder. Next we search for an Excel file type (*.xls) in our computer. From the results section, you can sort by modified date; file type,…

14 Comments on Free Windows XP video tutorial on searching Windows files

  1. Mine is not working idk why

  2. Azam,
    Try using Add/Remove feature to add Mail component

  3. how to appear mail option in window xp's control panel

  4. Sorry I do not have XP on my machine anymore but try this:

    To search for a file or folder:
    -Click Start, and then click Search.
    -In the Search Companion dialog box, click All files and folders.
    -Type part or all of the name of the file or folder, or type a word or phrase that is in the file.
    -In the Look in box, click the drive or drives, folder, or network location that you want to search.

  5. How do I get the search bar?

  6. Thank you that helped alot.

  7. If its files like Excel or Word, you will need the right type of software first.

  8. I don't know for sure. But, ALL of the files I try to download are scribbly and a bunch of none sense.

  9. Hi there, Sorry for the issue. What type of file is it? If its a tax type document you may need to download a plugin or application for it.

  10. when i download a file, i receive the document BUT it has a bunch of rubbish written. It's so frustrating, being that it's tax season and i have so much to print! PLEASE HELP! I'm running Windows XP

  11. @A4Avner Not sure what you mean. Comments within a file. If so you can use native windows search or google desktop. If something else, not sure about that.

  12. Hi there, Is there a way to search in the file properties "comments" otherwise, what's the point in adding comments to a file if you can't search for them. thanks.

  13. Try InSight Desktop Search,Its really fast!!

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