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FreezeME – In-game transformation cinematic (WIP)

Steam Greenlight:

-What is FreezeME?
FreezeME is a 3D platformer deliberately designed to resemble platformers from the N64 era.

-Anything new?
The main distinguishing mechanic is that the protagonist “R” can take pictures and “freeze” for a short period of time enemies and objects, generating…

12 Comments on FreezeME – In-game transformation cinematic (WIP)

  1. Well hows the game doing ?

  2. para cuando la version de wii u???

  3. Did I just see her going over 9000? MY GOD!

  4. There is a game called Poi that's also trying to do the N64 3D platformer. To be honest both this game and Poi looks like it's coming along well. I can't wait to see both finished products. I hope that freeze mechanic provides the player with tons of unique platforming options.

  5. Will there be a crossover with the new game in kickstarted that kinda stole your idea called Poi ? Check it out if you haven't 

  6. Anyone remember Earthworm Jim?
    What the Heck?
    This level looks like that, but you get to roam around it. I'm getting fed up of 'back to 2D'.
    Gimme 3D platformers like this again.

  7. ???? If the game is still in development can there be a 2 player modes like a pvp mode or a co-op mode ?.
    For co-op one person can use the gamepad and the other player uses the TV.

  8. HEYHEYHEY, why is this DBZ now? Kappa

  9. Is this at the start of the game?

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