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Full Guide on How to put Windows XP/Vista on PSP



This video shows you how to put windows XP/Vista on PSP. No Custom Frimware Required!!! Srep By Step Instructions.

Go to this site to download WinXP for psp:

Type in PSP Browser:

Sorry for the mistake in the video its: file:pspwxp/index.htm

Please if have any questions, post here.

By Avi.

17 Comments on Full Guide on How to put Windows XP/Vista on PSP

  1. any one with worries listen here this kid is a faggot you need internet retard and you need to have knowledge on html this kid is trying to be cool and sound like he knows stuff but really he is just gay

  2. U dont need internet !

  3. do it needs an internet connection

  4. it said loading interface with two x's above it and cotent cantnot be displayed

  5. as mentioned in the video, no u do not need internet connetion for this to work.

    Here are some possible reasons for your problem:
    *You didn't delete cookies
    *You didn't delete cache
    *You are typing in the wrong address

  6. it says not found do u need to connect it ti interent or no please help me

  7. Also Just Noticed In the info he said to put this is file/pspwxp/index.htm. DON'T .. that will not work .. You must put file:pspwxp/index.htm. for it to work .. I think he didn't notice he made a mistake. Also .. ! Don't Delete Cookies or Cashe After Puting it on there .. Or it can mess up your psp/WindowsXp.. ( WHy would u do it anyway)

  8. Lol For one i have the same key board .. To ur wearing SHort Shorts 😛 And 3 Thanks it Works:D

  9. this is al crappy shit, it doesnt work, content cannot be displayed

  10. it says content cant be displayed

  11. thankyou veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much for the help

  12. thanks this was really easy and i did it in like 5 min

  13. thanks a lot man it works but you left out the file:/

  14. lol.. only: content cannot be displayed

  15. Mine just loads up a black screen n thats it.. whats up with that?

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