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28 Comments on Full Windows 10 Install on thin client HP t510

  1. What is the temperature of the disk ??
    Because in my way it's 50C

  2. I found a several t610's in great condition from a near trash bin, I hope I can get windows or Linux to work

  3. CPU @ 100% with nothing running from a fresh install? fmd, i would be running linux/mint. It is much less resource-intensive.

  4. What about ThinClient drivers support by Win10 ?! All OK recognized by OS like sound card, graphics, usb mass storage etc. ?! Did you have to search for some drivers and install them manually ?

  5. Can it do multitasking like photoshop, corel & at the same time?

  6. Or get a large usb stick plug it into the thin clients INTERNAL USB port and install windows to that using the media creation tool, much easier

  7. damn, remove this garbage. You cannot create a local user like that for a production environment. please remove this before you harm companies.

  8. This thing won't recognize an IDE drive. I can't find any setting in bios to enable it. Please help!

  9. Where did you get that IDE to SATA cable? do you have a link?

  10. Se eu estudasse na sua escola, ia te bater todo dia!

    if we went to school, I would beat you every day!

  11. Seems like a nice cluster node.

  12. Please help, how to setup Full Windows 10 Install on thin client HP t420

  13. Got mine for 28 bucks for four of them

  14. You need a comb.

  15. I cannot get this to work on my HP MT43 Thin Client. After about 80% of the install and get a recovery error. What do I do?

  16. So now what is the graphics adapter??

  17. I did some pretty cool things with my Thin Client after upgrading Ram & the ATA Flash disk. I made it a Juke Box, a VOIP Phone & a Missile Defense system. Just in case someone tried to steal that bad boy!

  18. Hi Peter!
    Can you tell a bit more about this client running win10? Will it allow to watch streaming videos or will it struggle? What about running MS Office, watching videos?
    Thank you

  19. how to make the flash boot ? like ordinary way to create a bootable drive?

  20. What kind of pda/phone/scanner was that at 3:00?

  21. HP Compaq T5530, Can it work without flash memory ??

    (Install a hard drive) but wipe the flash memory??

  22. if you ad that broadcom PCIE vide decoder it will play HD video perfectly

  23. after boing this without LAN we can use thin client

  24. so after doing this thin client become a PC ???

  25. I have a thin client t5740 probably a bit similar to yours except mine is even thinner. Well anyways for some reason i cannot install anything above windows xp on it. Its kind of odd though beause i installed windows 7 on even older and cheaper hardware than what this one has but yet it always freezes on these thin clients. This is what happens to me: the usb begins to load the files and then when it says ''starting windows'' it just freezes and doesn't proceed.

    My isos are not corrupt and even the windows 10 and windows 8 do the same thing. Any suggestions? I would like to think my knowledge with these types of things are at least a little above average

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