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God of War: Unlimited XP Trick (God of War 4 – GoW 2018)

How to get unlimited XP with this trick in God of War 4 (2018). By fulfilling the Gold: Parry 100 Attacks objective in the Labors: Quick Reflexes under Goals tab, you can get 3500 XP. However, you can get an infinite number of XP Points by doing it after the game has autosave your progress at 99 Parry Enemy Attacks. Then what you would do is reload the last check save right after you have gotten the 3500 XP. Your total XP (EXP or Experience) will still accumulate, but Gold reward resets and…

39 Comments on God of War: Unlimited XP Trick (God of War 4 – GoW 2018)

  1. Works in latest version! This WON'T GET PATCHED because it is useful (beginners, don't have time, hardest difficulty). Give thanks by subscribing. For unlimited Hacksilver, see video:

  2. Thx dude it STILL works

  3. Im about to restart my game this is holy

  4. Bro how do I get to 5 attacked parries, mine is at 18

  5. I am laughing as u exploiting the game

  6. Or you can just play new game plus?

  7. How much exp do we need to unlock all skills?

  8. It works
    Tks buddy

  9. Why is my rewards only 615xp on gold: parry 100 attacks?

  10. It works still!!!???????????????????????????????????????????????? 2/10/19

  11. Damn! Yesterday I've been playing on "Give me god of war" difficulty and I already Kill that blue enemy.theres any way to go back and re do that part?

  12. It really work!!! ????

  13. This worked for me! Thanks alot!

  14. Thank u so much it worked u r brilliant ✌✌

  15. Does it still work until today?

  16. Why is my rewards low? Bronze 200 Silver 350 and gold 615?? Pls help

  17. Have your like good man!????

  18. Still working as of 13/01/2019!!!!

  19. Still works ????

  20. This still works. Farming xp right now and it’s amazing

  21. You are AWESOME. Thanks for this upload I greatly appreciate it, still works.

  22. Still works! Add increase luck equipment for more XP!

  23. Damn brother that's hell of a research

  24. Works man thanks

  25. yep it still works. thanks man

  26. How do you get 3500 xp?

    I only got 625 xp

  27. Thank u works .. but how much money is enough

  28. Tested and still works! ????

  29. Still working, thank you so much

  30. Does it work with 1000 kills labor too? That'd give you 10,000 exp per kill if it does.

  31. How if I already passed through the bridge?can some one tell me?i don’t want to start a new game and play again

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