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43 Comments on Guy faints multiple times but with Windows XP sounds

  1. First time I saw this I lost it completely

  2. Dun dun dun dun few seconds later Dun dun dun dunnn dun dun

  3. I like your pfp lol. Talon is a good champ. The vid was really funny too. Haha.

  4. My mom: Will you ever stop watching this?
    Me: Oh hell naw

  5. Rollercoaster guy
    Lost connection

  6. Ah shit ????????????????????????

  7. The way he says oh sh*t and hell no when he faints

  8. how'd this dude hold his phone on the rollercoaster like that, shoulda fallen out

  9. When ur teacher tells u to get up for the 19,100,282,622,628th time 1:18

  10. He keeps restarting system

  11. that last one scared me

  12. Im surprised the person who did the sound had enough time to put it on. Every time he passed out because he passed out alot

  13. Windows xp startup sound was very loud

  14. I saw this shit on Larf omfg im ded XD

  15. That rollercoaster looks weak

  16. I’m crying ????????????????????

  17. That ride is fun tho

  18. What coaster are you riding?

  19. The ride is diamond at Kings island in Mason ohio

  20. 0:59 Stephen Hawking's last words.

  21. soul.exe has stoped working

    cansel . ok

  22. Awww shet.exe. has shut down

  23. ????????????????????????

  24. 5 seconds before "i can do it"
    before 5 seconds finished "hell naw"

  25. Win.exe fatal error

  26. Me when I see a ????????????????????

  27. This is fake guys!
    That sound is added in post!

  28. Human.exe stopped working

  29. This is Kings Island, and this is a

  30. Bruh this is the funniest shit man, aw shit : passes out again

  31. His computer password is: Aw Shit

  32. Nigga Faints and loses his headphones

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