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13 Comments on Hack for Solitaire in Windows XP

  1. this is not a hack its a feature microsoft put in the computer. look at the bottom when you do it. It says press esc [escape] or mouse button to stop

  2. This is not a hack. Whoever made this ridiculously pointless video is putting hackers to shame.

  3. falin cards u wont win

  4. ya if this is a hack, then the stuff I do would make me Chuck Norris. This is just a "code" or "cheat" to show falling cards. The game might register it as a win, but your money would be in negatives in vegas scoring, and you'd have no score any other way. Also the cards aren't stacked they stay where they are, so the cards fall ontop of cards on the board. this is far from a hack. YOU FAIL

  5. ha ha falling cards lol

  6. On some computers you might ether
    Press ALT+Shift+2

  7. Hack? wat are you onabout fool thats not a hack

  8. How is that winning?
    just looked broken

  9. dosent work for me …..

  10. Wow, nice cheat…thanks.

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