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Hack Into Windows 7, Vista, XP, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora Bypassing Logon Passwords

Simple instructions with KON-BOOT Download :

20 Comments on Hack Into Windows 7, Vista, XP, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora Bypassing Logon Passwords

  1. Definitely wont work on Linux. Tested on Ubuntu, Gentoo and Arch. BIG FAKE!!! Just because mickysoft don't know how to build a system doesn't mean others don't know. Linux is the safest system existing. You couldn't hack it with just a stupid method! And Gentoo??? I think you don't know what Gentoo really is! All packages (including the kernel) are compiled by the USER. Nothing precompiled (except Firefox, Thunderbird and LibreOffice)! I think you don't have an idea what Gentoo portage is!

  2. Ok i know that its able to login without password but after the login will the user able to create/change the password ? I want to know …

  3. Doesn't work here on Gentoo either.

    I am calling it a fake.

  4. You can't hack Debian squeeze with this because Debian is the most stable and secure os ever.

  5. its your bios configuration and did you start in safe mode?

  6. you really dont have a dam clue what your talking about

  7. how would this work for linux???????????
    SElinux is impossible to hack

  8. Ljudi, ja mislim da nema nacina da se zaobidje pass… :(((

  9. @zaneverovati i know but in windows 7 or vista the administrator account doesnt come on in safe mode

  10. is this totally safe?can it cause system crach? I wanna hack my mum's laptop,she runs Win7 Ultimate x64? If I destroy her system would be in huge trouble…

  11. Didn't work for me on Windows 7 Ultimate 64.. The floppy loaded and all, but when the login screen came up pressing enter didn't do anything but show me that a wrong password was entered… meh

  12. _________________________

  13. @juicyimpact I think you mean Windows Vista**

  14. @juicyimpact That's exactly what I thought until I HAD TO use it for over 2 months.
    Now I think it's a little bit better than XP – what I mean is that it's almost exactly the same but it has some extra features (e.g.: I love it how it handles folders like Linux).

  15. @juicyimpact wtf? are you idiot?? Seven is the Windows XP of the future!

  16. All you have to do is password your bios and then no one can change the boot settings. I know you can move the jumper on the motherboard and clear the password but hopefully by the time they do this you would have caught them. If you are that worried about your data being stolen you could somehow lock your case.

  17. how can u do it with out the sofewere??? pleas make a video that shows me that!!!!!!!

  18. is it bypass the password or is it removes the password

  19. off topic… how do you make the logon screen use classic theme?

  20. How do you use this crap? I'm lost. I need to remove the password off my cousin's computer because he hasn't used it in forever and he has this dumb logon screen everytime. What's worse is that the language pack is chinese so the dumb thing is so hard to read. Please help?

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