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Hack the SNES Classic Edition to add more games! (hakchi2)

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Add more games to the SNES Classic Edition using hakchi2!
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22 Comments on Hack the SNES Classic Edition to add more games! (hakchi2)

  1. I got the hakchi downloaded , I downloaded some ROMs , once I turn on my SNES mini the games show up but won't play the screen turns black for a second then it goes back to the games select menu , and I followed all the process correctly I don't know if I might of missed something need help !

  2. for some reason I couldn't play sega games. they won't load

  3. Can I do that if Im using an Acer Chromebook?

  4. How do I connect my SNES to my computer? That was not specifically stated in the video

  5. One thing I would like to add though that is slightly bothering me. My system is working completely fine me and my brother have been playing it for hours . But after I initially downloaded about 25 games do my system I had the HDMI plugged in like you recomended ,the system froze after I flashed the custom kernel and it loaded and all that. I simply turned it off and turned it back on and everything was fine. Long story short is it normal that it freezes after adding a certain amount of games? Again it was not when it was doing the custom flash kernel , it was afterwards pretty much as soon as everything was added.

  6. Thanks a lot! This works perfectly! I was very skeptical at first after the first mention of other videos similar when they mentioned the system might possibly brick. But I decided to go for it and use your video over the others and needless to say I am happy. I've downloaded 31 + games in less than an hour! Donkey Kong 3 ,Turtles in Time, and Batman Forever here I come!

  7. PC doesn't detect SNES. Power LED also comes on.

  8. How do i get the links for the games

  9. THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU (no homo)

  10. Hello my friends i have prolem my SNES no in discovery my lapto can load

  11. I’m using a windows pc and I’m doing it now but I’m stuck at the dumping kernel part cus it’s tellin me to install driver

  12. omggg thanks you soooo much seriously u da best

  13. Can it be done via an external hard drive or does it have to be on the desktop

  14. Do you have a link where do download the games ?

  15. Once you hack it can you go back and add more games to it

  16. Who do you get the games in the first place

  17. Lol I was about to give you a thumbs up buuut you switch FFIII for Kirby?!!!!

  18. What website did you go to , to get kirbys avalanche

  19. For some reason i got thiss error Found USB device: "CLV-S-SNPY" (1F3A:EFE8)
    libwdi:error [extract_binaries] failed to create file 'usb_driver.installer_x64.exe' ([#00000020] ─ίΊ ▐ΪάΊ ϊΫΊάΪ▐ ύ Ώ±Ύ≤Ώ▌Έά≤ύ ΪΎΫ ά±≈ί▀ΎΫ άΏⁿ Ϊύ ϊώί±ήά≤▀ά, ίΏίώϊ▐ ≈±ύ≤ώΉΎΏΎώί▀Ϊάώ ▐ϊύ άΏⁿ Ά▄ΏΎώά ▄ΈΈύ ϊώί±ήά≤▀ά.)

    Press Enter to exit this driver installer


  21. Quick question: I dumped the rom just fine, but now while I’m trying to flash it I keep getting the message “cannot write to USB.” I tried using a different micro USB I had laying around but no luck. Any idea what the problem could be?

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