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  1. Go to Focuzztechskillz.weebly (dot) com

  2. yeah do that and have yourself a Trojan virus. Come on people how can u believe that. Easier way to break a administrator password is through the command line. If you download a third party password you don't even have a clue what it really does, means u are stupid enough to get your self a virus.

  3. This CMD /codeing is written for the admin only.

  4. is this real ?????

  5. can u tell me wat to do becase myschool gave me a computer and a lot of things are look so i cant to much

  6. i heard you need to boot it with your tv? so I was stuck there to…

  7. but i dont have a cd drive

  8. i did it (burn with dvd decrypter)
    and when i put in the cd it doesnt do anything

  9. ok give me your pc i crack your system password in 1 min

  10. u dont need any prog to hack win xp password!

  11. i also know how to hack system password

  12. Nothing impressive there. What WOULD be impressive is if you can hack through a locked system password. Not Windows XP but right on the black screen ''please enter system password'' thats only IF lets say if someone gave you a computer but you can't even get to the login screen of Windows XP because of the system password. Thats what I'm talking about! XD

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