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18 Comments on hack windows xp

  1. Does only work, if u'r an admin

  2. wow
    u were wtiting a lot

    i know because this video suks
    ill make new one and u will soon now how to do it

  3. dude,it called raindrops.

  4. um,you peanut,it's caled raindrops!

  5. the song is "called chasse" the sun , but i dont know the artist…

  6. the name of the song is raindrops

  7. whats the name of the song!?!? aargh!!! plz tell me ppl!! dame!!

  8. when i do that it says acces denied PLEASE HELP! i was using a limited user

  9. This is crap. go to hell

  10. go to google image search, type in bliss

  11. were did you get that background its sick..

  12. dont do it it wont work i know it wqont cors it will probley give u a virus or something lol cors my brother made this vid and he neveer gets anything right hahahahahahahahahaha andy!!! luv u big brova !! xx

  13. !!! this only works if u have admin rights! it doesnt work with an limited acc!

  14. dont work bud.. same error as him

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