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Hack your SNES Classic Mini | RetroArch Install

Hey all. If you have issues running certain Super NES games then you might want to install Retroarch. Not only does this fix these games – it allows you to install other system games like Neo Geo, Gameboy,
Megadrive/Geneis, Master System, Game Gear, NES and more.

You will need Hackchi 2 2.20 to do this if you are still using the debug version.

Hackchi 2.20 –

Retro Arch –

21 Comments on Hack your SNES Classic Mini | RetroArch Install

  1. Thank you so much for making this video you have opened the door for my snes classic to loads of more games mate you should get a f**king medal

  2. Iv done this process on my NES classic w/o retroarch, just added games to hackchi2 latest version and everything work fine,then i tryed to do the same with my Snes classic to add more games but my pc doesnt seem to find the snes classic when i hit install driver it say that there is no snes detected,the consol is off and i did hold reset then press power button but the consol power up right away… any1 can help with that should i try again but this time with retroarch. i also just want snes games on it? Thx

  3. I have a modded SNES Classic with Sega Genesis, Atari emulators on it. How can I add/remove games without losing the other emulators?

  4. FUKC YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. 5:16 “Congraturation”

    I see what you did there 😀

  6. Help I have error C7 when i'm trying to play NES games, as far as i think I install Retroarch correctly (i install the one showing up in the Mod Store (last version) i click Download and Install Module and everything was OK, since no error message, and when I turn on the Snes Classic I have the retroarch logo popup (i cannot open the retroarch menu despite), and I cannot play the nes games i tried to writtin –retroarch at the end of comand but still error c7 please HELP 🙁

  7. So, it would be nice to have a list of 'glitched' games in advance?

  8. Do i have to use the –retroarch command every time on every game i add?

  9. This helped me get Fire Emblem 4 up and running!

  10. Hackchi won't let me drop retroarch into the window. I have already hacked my snes classic. Do I need to reinstall Hackchi for this to work or is there a way to do it with an already modded system? Thanks!

  11. Question, I currently have 797 super nintendo games added onto my Hakchi and are ready to be synchronized to my snes mini. After I've done that can I go back and synchronize multiple times to add more games to the snes mini? I'm going to work on my collection of sega genesis and gameboy advance games. Another question, what other types of games does retroarch enable you to emulate on the snes mini?

  12. I’ve followed all of the steps and now my NES and Megadrive games work but my SNES games from my last Sync before retroarch don’t (including the original games). I receive a C7 error message when trying to open any SNES game. Please help!

  13. How do i have all games run in retroarch with a click of the button? So i can play with cheats without having to edit the command line everytime.

  14. I uninstall hakchi2 do to some bug but i was going to reinstall it do i need to redump kernel again?

  15. Why does the zip files appear as a game? I've done all I can to download those modules, but those modules don't exist! Please help me!

  16. The command line doesn't work for SNES games, and I also have all these emulator file names on my SNES menu, which is ugly.

  17. Great vid! Straight to the point and very informative.

  18. Is there a way to re-map the start+select option to get to the retroarch menu? I have that set to reset and it doesn't work, just takes me to the retroarch menu. Any way to change that? Thanks

  19. Tried this and Retroarch is not installing. My snes games will not boot even with the command line. Genesis games do not show on the main menu

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