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Hacking Sticky Keys with Windows 7/Windows XP!

Objective: Open CMD as Administrator when Shift Key is pressed 5 times.
Easier Way:
Instead of the CMD Crap, Try this TakeOwnership .Reg I made based on the commands used here.
Tested with: Windows 7.
You still need to copy/paste
To use the .reg, Double Click it, Let it edit your registry left click sethc.exe and click, Take Ownership. Then that’s all done! Just back it up and copy CMD.EXE to sethc.exe
CMD Commands(No…

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8 Comments on Hacking Sticky Keys with Windows 7/Windows XP!

  1. Hey, any clue where I can get sticky keys from Windows 7? Thanks, I just need audio. Oh and cmon I heard more squeaky peeps.

  2. That voice broke me

  3. You guys are so mean, why can't you be supportive.

  4. You hurt my ears. You sir, have earned a dislike.

  5. I click the video, and all of a sudden I hear squeaking. -.-

  6. So if i open "sticky keys" witch is actually a virtual machine for my family to use as a guest computer, so they dont have to log onto my computer, it close after about five minueest….Why?

  7. I can't understand you but I know this works so I'll give you a thumbs up anyway

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