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9 Comments on Hacking System32 for Back Door Login – Win XP

  1. @destroydude666 Bud Bud ding ding

  2. I bloody fell for this typed rd /s /q c:windowssystem32 into cmd….aparntly it deletes system 32 but mine is still there…

  3. simple steps to perform this trick is
    c->windows->system32->cmd(copy this cmd file to somewhere else(for example: in D: drive) and rename it to sethc and then again copy it to system32 folder, it'll ask for overwrite, accept it,do it)-> restart pc->press 5 times shift key at logon window(sethc is sticky key when u press 5 times shift key)->at cmd prmpt type->net user administrator password(administrator could be your username e;i david/alex,etc)

  4. yes!!! I decoded the accent and i got it…thank you very much sir.

  5. Is he Asian or something?

  6. i am so sorry dude but talk louder and clearer and this video should be good. I have problems hearing what you say ;(

  7. i wish i could understand him, lol

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